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Valve Types

At PetroChem Valve, we specialize in supplying a wide range of hard-to-find valves at a cost-effective price. No matter what your particular application may be, we offer all types of valve makes, models, and conditions ready for immediate shipment. Housed in a 65,000 square feet warehouse facility, our deep stock of valves means you won’t have to wait for your order. And because we are centrally located, shipping is fast and reasonable.

Our inventory of valves and associated parts include:

  • Gate Valves
  • Globe Valves
  • Angle Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Plug Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Bellow Seal Valves
  • Pressure Seal Valves
  • Diaphragm Valves
  • Line Blinds
  • Strainers (Duplex/Simplex)
  • Boiler / Non-Return Valves
  • Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Relief Valves
  • Steam Traps
  • Scupper Valves
  • Fire Protection Valves
  • Lined Valves
  • Solenoid Valves

Unsure of what you are looking for? Please contact one of our trained valve representatives to see how we can help you today.

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